Adoption May Be the Best Choice for Your Baby

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Thinking About Adoption?


Making the decision to place a baby for adoption is one of the most important choices you will ever make and an incredibly selfless act.

A birth mother who decides to place her baby for adoption is not only choosing to give life to her child, but is choosing to give her child things that she may not be able to provide on her own - such as a two-parent family, or financial and emotional security. She may simply feel as though she is not ready for motherhood or in a position to provide a secure home for her child at the present.

It's all up to you...

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The best thing about adoption is that everybody wins. The birth mother can feel at peace with her decision, knowing that her baby is going to grow up loved and well-cared for, while the adoptive parents' dream of having a family finally comes true.

Open adoption is something you may want to consider. In an open adoption, you, the birth mother, are able to choose the family who will raise your child.

You'll have the opportunity to meet the family and get to know them personally. As the birth mother, you are able to make all the decisions. Pregnancy Centers can offer you referrals for adoption counselors that can help you understand the process of adoption and help you with your questions and concerns.